If I poop do I lose weight?

Asked: If I poop do I lose weight?

Ok I'm not bothered about long-term weight loss in the slightest. Me and my friend we're just having a discussion abd pondered how much it actually weighs, I guessed at about half a kilo. Then he suggested that ya don't actually lose body weight when you poop, I said that was, pardon the pun, bullshit.
Opinions and facts please


If you weigh yourself before, you will obviously be heavier. When you poop you poop out roughly half a kilo. But it's not your body fat. It's just the remainder of what your body used.

No, you don't. The "poop" is something external of your body, i.e it doesn't belong to it.
It's like if you put a bag of books on your back before weighing yourself.

So, yeah… Weird question though.

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Well, I can help you here. Lol I am a recovering anorexic so I have weighed myself compulsively and even would get overly ecstatic every time I had to poop/pee just so I could see a lower number on the scale.

Your answer is yes…if you poop, you will lose weight…BUT you will actually lose even more from peeing because the water actually weighs more. The most I ever lose from pooping is maybe half a pound. When I pee, it's almost always half a pound or more.

You do lose weight when you poop but it shouldn't actually be considered a weight loss solution.
Weigh yourself before and after you poop and you will find you weigh slightly less afterwards.

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